"The Fosters" are seemingly happy and care deeply about each other. But, each has their own secrets and "The Fosters" Season 4, Episode 14 will have Stef removing the kid's bedroom doors removed to bring in transparency in the family.

According to the official synopsis of "The Fosters" Season 4, Episode 14, Stef will be extremely angry with the kids keeping secrets and she will end up removing the doors from their bedrooms. Callie's biological father will hire a highly paid attorney to take care of Callie's case and Jesus will start physical therapy, but it will he will be having a hard time, TV Guide reported.

"The Fosters" have their own small secrets. While Callie and Brandon has a secret relationship, Mariana has secretly taken Jesus' ADHD medication, Carter Matt claimed. But, Stef would be fed up with her kids keeping secrets. She wants them to know that she is there for them and to make things better. But for her to make things better, they need to allow her to be there for them. So, she decides to remove the doors of their bedrooms in "The Fosters" Season 4, Episode 14.

On the other hand, "The Fosters" Season 4, Episode 14 will have Callie's biological father hire a high paid attorney but, it will not be liked by Stef and Lena. Jesus will start physical therapy, but, as things will not be going well with him. Mariana will also start visiting a therapist to deal with the trauma of Nick's actions. Moreover, Emma would possibly be pregnant but considering the situation that the family is in, she will decide to abort.

The promos of "The Fosters" Season 4, Episode 14 suggests an emotional episode is coming up. The episode is titled "Doors and Windows," and it will air on Feb. 21 ET on Freeform.