Tilda Swinton is now the fans' favorite bet to play the leading role in BBC's longest running Sci-Fi series, "Doctor Who." If given the chance, Swinton will portray the thirteenth incarnation of the Doctor, after Peter Capaldi's run as the time-traveling Time-Lord in "Doctor Who" season 10.

As can be seen on the online betting site Ladbrokes, Swinton is now the lead to play the Doctor in "Doctor Who" season 11.The actress now has 7/2 odds for the role while previous frontrunner, Ben Wishaw (James Bond "Spectre"), is currently at 10/1 odds.

However, she is not the only actress that has the strong potential to play as the character in "Doctor Who" season 11. According to Screen Rant, both Capaldi and David Tennant (10th doctor) have their own candidates in mind: Frances De La Tour and Olivia Coleman, respectively.

This, of course, isn't official as BBC has yet to confirm that a female doctor will make her debut in "Doctor Who" season 11. However, showrunner and writer, Steven Moffat, has admitted that this idea could actually be possible in the future.

"He doesn't seem to register the fact that his old friend is now a woman," the showrunner said about the Master's surprising regeneration to Missy (in short of Mistress). He then continued to add that the Doctor doesn't find the Master's gender switch to be remarkable, and added that gender in Gallifrey is "quite fluid."

To the fans who are new to the show, the Doctor has the ability to regenerate another full life whenever he is about to die. He'll go through a process where he will change his physical appearance but remains to be the same Time-Lord.

It is highly important for the fans to take these speculations with a tiny pinch of salt for now, despite Moffat's positive comment into a female lead in "Doctor Who." More news and updates about the matter should emerge in the coming months.