Kevin Smith, the writer and director of many nostalgic films like "Chasing Amy" and "Dogma," has recently announced his plans for the much awaited "Clerks 3" and "Mallrats 2." Unfortunately, since the projects have both been scrapped, the filmmaker has now decided to release these in some other way.

Smith, while speaking on his most recent podcast episode of Smodcast, confirmed that both "Clerks 3" and "Mallrats 2" scripts are going to be released as a comic book, as relayed by Comicbook. Fortunately, the comedian may have hinted out during the episode that some concepts from these two cancelled projects might still show up in other future movies.

One movie that comes to fans' mind regarding his future projects is probably the film reboot for the classic "Jay and Silent Bob." The reboot project was confirmed and announced on his Instagram account earlier this February.

The filmmaker explained in the post that "Jay and Silent Bob Reboot" will act as a replacement for the cancelled movie projects. Its plot will revolve on the Jersey boys' attempt to stop Hollywood from creating a brand new reboot of "Bluntman & Chronic Movie," the film they both hated so much.

Judging by his statement, it seems like "Jay and Silent Bob Reboot" hasn't experienced any kind of problems, thus far, unlike the "Clerks 3" and "Mallrats 2." Smith has already met with people at Miramax about the project, and revealed that they are "into it."

As for the "Clerks 3" and "Mallrats 2" comic book, however, some fans are not exactly confident that these will be done in time. Bleeding Cool notes on its article that Smith does not exactly have a good record when it comes to following through with his comic book projects.

A couple, in particular, is the Marvel comic mini issues "Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do" and "Daredevil/Bullseye: Target." The "Spider-Man/Black Cat" mini-series was delayed for several years, while the latter only had one published issue.

Smith has yet to offer any time frame as when "Clerks 3" and "Mallrats 2" comic book series would get released. At this point, it would be best to just wait for further news coming from the filmmaker regarding the matter.