"Prison Break" Season 5 has been waited by a lot of its patrons and the good thing is that the show creator Paul Scheuring hinted some of the possible happenings on the impending season. Based on Scheuring's Twitter post, Lincoln seems to face death in the upcoming chapter of "Prison Break."

According to TravelersToday, creator of "Prison Break" Season 5; Paul Scheuring has teased the series' fans on his Twitter post that the angel of death will be fetching some characters in the forthcoming season. Scheuring posted on his social networking account stating that the fans of "Prison Break" have a lot of things to worry about. He even established that there next season will feature deaths but he didn't deliver any hints on who will be facing demise.

Based on "Prison Break" Season 5 creator's other post, he replied to a viewer by saying "...but what if Linc DOES die?" This is really not impossible since he is seeing the huge task that he is targeting to achieve. Meanwhile, there are reports stating that Scheuring has mentioned that "Prison Break" Season 5 will be "Odyssey" inspired. It can be remembered that Odysseus went home alone whereas his crew passed away in the long journey after the Trojan War. This might be an indication that there will be lots of passing away in "Prisoner Break" Season 5.

Furthermore, it seems that the death angel will fetch other characters besides Lincoln as Korea Portal has learned that Dr. Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies) could by chance die in the "Prisoner Break" Season 5. Also, it was noted that avid supporters of the popular series are persuaded that Dr. Sara Tancredi will be bidding goodbye soon which will add more drama and spice in the storyline. Reports have claimed that the death of Sarah Wayne Callies' character will be opening new potentials for the "Prison Break" Season 5 series.

"Prison Break" Season 5 is anticipated to premiere on April 4, 2017, on Fox. Moreover, stay tuned for other updates that might arrive soon.