The Pokemon Company already hinted that there will be a Pokemon game arriving for Nintendo Switch. Many believed that it might the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" sequel which was dubbed as "Pokemon Stars".

According to Mic, the Nintendo Switch has just arrived but then many are still concerned when the "Pokemon Stars" will become available. Nevertheless, neither Nintendo nor the Pokemon Company has divulged any detail about the said video game and it seems that these companies are busy working on the "Pokemon GO."

The avid fans of the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" are hopeful that they could play the "Pokemon Stars" on Nintendo Switch. In fact, there has been YouTube video showing the speculated upcoming Pokemon game incorporated into the recently released hybrid console and it appears really enticing. The said video which provided a recap of "Pokemon Stars" was uploaded by a YouTube user named Blunty.

In a separate report Korea Portal has learned that Pokemon Company CEO, Tsunekazu Ishihara stated that the company is creating the speculated "Pokemon Stars" entirely different compared to other Pokemon games. Since Nintendo Switch is a handheld gadget which is a portable home console, Pokemon Company will be building "Pokemon Stars" exclusively meant for the hybrid console.

Furthermore, there has been an image which was shared by Nintendo fans that revealed the latest Nintendo games will surprise the players with its 3D effects at a higher resolution. With this, it appears that the company has planned something bizarre for the Nintendo Switch users. It might also indicate that upon the launch of "Pokemon Stars" for the hybrid console, it might also deliver 3D experience to the gamers.

Moreover, Nintendo and Pokemon Company haven't confirmed if the "Pokemon Stars" is really intended for the Nintendo Switch. But then, the companies' patrons still hope to obtain new information about their much-awaited video game.