"The Bold and the Beautiful" spoliers for this week of March 8-10 will tackle two major events and these are what the viewers have been waiting for. First, Ridge and Quinn are about to get caught by their partners and second, Sally is setting up some spying plans to get Spectra Fashions on top and ruin the Forrester Creations.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" hints that the moment when Ridge and Quinn's affair is about to be exposed is here. The two tried to their best to contain their feelings but they just could not stay away from each other. Thus, people started to take notice of the special bond between them.

Once the truth is out, Quinn and Ridge will surely have to deal with consequences and it include major falling out with Brooke and Eric. The affair is definitely a big shocker and it would be interesting to see how its reveal will play out on "The Bold and the Beautiful."

Brooke is highly likely to dump Ridge for his infidelity while it is not sure what Eric will do to his wife. On the other hand, the Forrester patriarch will surely kick his son Ridge out of his company since it is hard to imagine that he coveted his own stepmother.

Elsewhere on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Sally will get to work to put Spectra Fashions on top and bring down the Forrester Creations. She devised a plan to spy on FC and she will use Coco, her teenage half-sister, to do the job.

She Knows mentioned that setting her sister up as a spy is not alright with Sally and she feels bad about it. The unsuspecting Coco is very kind and she will not hurt anybody, however she is clueless that Sally is only letting her work on the Forrester Creations to steal their ideas and obtain inside information that they could use to topple their rival company.

Meanwhile, Soap Hub reported that "The Bold and the Beautiful" wedding and fashion show is finally happening. Ridge gathered the Forrester Creations team and revealed that they will be holding a fashion show in Australia to introduce their brand to the world. Steffy and Liam is also planning a wedding in Down Under so it is a double celebration.