"Days of Our Lives" spoilers reveal more surprising truths around Salem. Firstly, Julie Williams will discover something and eventually have a happy reunion with her unexpected kin. On the other side, she will also be grieving the sudden death of her son and it is a heartbreaking situation for her.

"Days of Our Lives" brought back Valerie Grant, the character now being played by Vanessa Williams. Her tightly kept secret has been revealed to the world and it is the fact that he has a son named Eli. He is now a grown-up man and he came to Salem to join his mother.

As he enters the town, everyone in "Days of Our Lives" will get word that Eli is David Banning's son which means he is Julie's grandchild. Tension builds up as Valerie's secret has been exposed. Of course, this also hurt both Julie and Eli since they have been kept in the dark for a long time, and David is not even around anymore to know the truth and meet his son.

On the other hand, Julie is hurting because she is full of regrets. She did not have the chance to see and reconnect with David before he passed away. They have not seen each other for many years so it was especially harder for her to deal with her loss.

As mentioned in She Knows, "Days of Our Lives" spoilers show that after burying her son, Julie was elated to discover that she has grandson in Salem. Consequently, Julie welcomed Eli with wide open arms.

But while Eli expressed eagerness in meeting his father's family, his anger with his mother got stronger. This is because, his mom did not tell him and everyone else that David is his real father, and everything is too late now since he is already dead.

It was Eli who pushed his mom Valerie to make a full confession. He made a promise that if his mom will not do it, he will tell everything to Julie himself. In the end, Valerie admitted her mistakes and everyone was shocked with her revelation.

Elsewhere on "Days of Our Lives," Nicole is on the run with Holly in tow. Soap Hub shared that Nicole has been gripped with fear of being caught since Holly will be taken away from her. Moreover, spoilers revealed that because of what she did, snatching Holly from her, Chloe will order someone to kill Nicole.

Meanwhile, although Abigail and Chad are trying to mend their marriage in "Days of Our Lives," things are not really looking good because Dario is falling in love with Abigail and he cannot stop himself now. Chad keeps on running into Gabi as well, so it is harder to forget her and move on with his life with Abigail.