"One Piece" patrons will be delighted as new arc will be arriving on their favorite anime. Entitled as "Marine Supernova Arc" it is expected to feature Luff along with his crew.

According to Comic Book, "One Piece" is about to launch a new filler arc before it get used to the manga's new canon installment. The "Marine Supernova Arc" will premiere on March 19, and Toei Animation has released a sneak peek so that the patrons of the anime could get a glimpse of the original story. It was also worth mentioning that a new preview of the arc's debut has been all over the wire along with a slew of character plans.

Furthermore, Auto World News added that the "Marine Supernova Arc" revolve on Luffy and the rest of the crew in an escapade to save Sanji. The team of the pirated will comes across with Marine Soldiers while looking for food when a crew runs out during their quest.

It was also detailed that the team sneaks out to a Marine base to be able to take some supplies they will need for their journey. Unluckily, Luffy was caught by surprised and was hindered by three new Marine Soldiers from the Aokiji's crew.

The "One Piece" creative directors also rolled out a poster for the upcoming "Marine Supernova Arc." The image portrays Luffy with his usual iconic straw hat costume facing three strong and highly skilled Marine Soldiers. But then there have been speculations suggesting that the Marine Soldiers will not be a tough enemy for Luffy and the rest of their team.

The poster also indicated some perceptions about the future characters for "One Piece" upcoming arc. The "Marine Supernova Arc" soldiers will be named as Grant, Bonamu, and Sappa while their vice-admiral is called Prody.

As of this moment, these are few details that were revealed for "One Piece" new filler arc. Moreover, the skills and capabilities of the characters in "Marine Superenova Arc" are expected to be divulged soon.