"Days of our Lives" spoilers suggest that Chad (Billy Flynn) will feel that he needs to have a serious talk with Abigail (Marci Miller). Apart from this, Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) just witnessed and saw Chad having a warm moment with Gabi (Camila Banus). She then asked him about this and then he admitted that they were still coping with these feelings.

Because of what she witnessed, Jennifer will ask Chad to cut off his relationship with Gabi then tell Abigail the truth. The "Days of our lives" spoilers claim that he will be making a tough and hard confession and will tell Abigail that he is feeling a little stuck. Even if he is not willing to walk away from Gabi completely, at least he could talk to Abigail and tell her where they stand.

Chad may just tell everything to Abigail. He is aware that he is in love with two women and he cannot let go either of them. But he will also admit that he is also committed to his marriage. Like what has been stated in the spoilers of "Days of our Lives" even if he has feelings for Gabi, he still wants to focus on his family since Abigail and Thomas need him as per Soap Hub.

Later, Abigail will vanish mysteriously and Chad will be terrified of this. He will be making some calls and learns that she is not with any of their friends or family members. As he gets worried over this, Dario (Jordi Vilasuso) will also be distressed over this.

But it can be later discovered that Chad just reignited his spat with Deimos (Vincent Irizarry). "Days of our Lives" spoilers will hint that Deimos was the person behind the disappearance of Abigail. And this is not enough since she will not be the only one who will go missing and this terrifies Chad as claimed on TV Guide.

Since Deimos wants to test the weakness of Chad, Gabi will also be kidnapped. He will get privy to Chad's deep love for Gabi and Abigail and he will definitely use this in order to get over Chad. So in the spoilers of "Days of our Lives," it seems like Deimos will leave Chad a very hard and painful choice as someone between Gabi and Abigail will get hurt.