CBS network's one of the most talked-about police procedural crime action drama series, "Criminal Minds" season 12 comes back on the small screens this week to air another episode from the current season. As the series keeps getting close to the finale with just few more episodes to go, events reportedly keep on getting more and more intense.

On the previous episode of "Criminal Minds" season 12, it featured a new unknown subject investigated by the team at BAU when a murder incident of 3 women happened in the city of New York. Guest star Tatum O'Neal starred as the unsub's mother who willingly went to the agency to expose her son. Meanwhile, Matthew Gray Gubler's character, Spencer Reid, who was still in jail, faced a hard decision when a threat came to his fellow inmate.

On the upcoming episode of "Criminal Minds" season 12, an original cast member and character will be back. According to TV Line, actor Shemar Moore will return on episode 17 to reprise his role as Supervisory Special Agent Derek Morgan. As per the source, fans have expressed their excitement over the announcement made just recently. It was later revealed that Derek will be doing a big help for the BAU involving the very hated serial killer, Mr. Scratch.

Moore has said during an interview that he has been very excited on what's up ahead for his character on "Criminal Minds" season 12. He even mentioned that Derek is a character that he can never abandon. Moore was a former cast on the soap, "The Young And The Restless", where he played Malcolm Winters.

Fans have then speculated that Derek Morgan's return on "Criminal Minds" season 12 will be of great help with the team especially to Spencer Reid's case. Reid is still in jail and the moves currently made by the team is not enough to take him away from the place. The character is still dealing with new struggles in prison and fans are hoping Reid's misery could end in the upcoming episodes.

However, according to TV Guide, "Criminal Minds" season 12 executive producer, Erika Messer, revealed that the worst moment for Reid is yet to come. As much as fans wanted him to to get released from jail as soon as possible, Messer said that there are still conflicts and more troubles that the young doctor and the team will have to encounter. All of which are to be found out on the upcoming episodes of the series.

"Criminal Minds" season 12 episode 17, "In The Dark", airs on March 22, 2017 on CBS.