CBS soap opera "The Young And The Restless" has started airing the set of episodes for this week. A lot has happened during those episodes and the different characters each had their own different stories told, but fans definitely can't wait for more exciting twists and turns to happen for the remainder of this week.

Multiple reports have said that this week's episodes of "The Young And The Restless" are going to feature more about Elizabeth Hendrickson's character, Chloe Mitchell. It can be recalled that Chloe had been through an ample amount of terrible incidents that included her evil deeds. This week, all of those are going to come back to her, haunting her, even though she has been trying hard to have a new refreshed life.

Soap Hub reported that Chloe is going to accidentally reveal another detail of what she did in the past. She will apparently get drunk while talking to Scott Grainger (Daniel Hall), which results in him getting curious about what she is talking about. He then talks to Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart), who, same as him, also does not have any idea of what Chloe is up to.

The two characters on "The Young And The Restless", along with Joshua Morrow's Nick Newman, will be putting Chloe in the hotseat. It has been reported that she could spill all of her secrets during that time, and she could also possibly tell them all of the names she knows were involved. The source also reported that Chloe will be seeing flashbacks in her dream and those will show another incident, which was revealed to be the murder of Adam Newman.

Soap Shows also reported that Victoria Newman, portrayed by Amelia Heinle, will happen to threaten Peter Bergan's character Jack Abbott on this week's episodes of "The Young And The Restless." This is reportedly because Jack has been belittling ever since, but now she threatens his life by using an alleged recording that could definitely ruin him.