BBC One's crime drama series, "Sherlock" season 5 is still not officially announced. This has made fans and viewers of the popular series to start worrying because rumors are circulating online about its possible cancellation. Many factors are reported to be the reason why a fifth season will not be commissioned anymore.

The series aired the finale episode from its previous season last January and since then, fans have already been expressing their opinion about the need for the network to have more seasons. However, "Sherlock" season 5 might not be happening anytime soon with reports saying that the show's main star, Benedict Cumberbatch even hinted his desire to leave the series for good.

According to a report from The Sun, Cumberbatch might not be able to reprise his role as Detective Sherlock Holmes on "Sherlock" season 5 anymore. This is reportedly due to a lot of projects have been lined up for the English actor which are to be released this year and next year. Additionally, his only vacant schedule would reportedly conflict with the other members of the crew and unable to coincide with his co-star Martin Freeman's schedule, who portrays his best friend, Dr. John Watson on the series.

It has also been reported that Freeman's schedule is also hectic, which would cause many delays in shooting for the episodes if ever "Sherlock" season 5 could happen. Because of this, it has been highly speculated that a fifth season may not be happening any moment from now. With the main actors possibly dropping from the show, it would be hard for the network to rebuild the chemistry made by Cumberbatch and Freeman during the previous episodes.

According to Comic Book, one of the creators of "Sherlock" season 5, Mark Gatiss had already hinted about the possible cancellation to happen anytime soon. As per the source, when the creator was asked about the future of the series, he said that he honestly did not know if there will be any more upcoming seasons for the show. He added that the previous season left the audience with non-cliffhanging events and it is reportedly possible that they will leave it as that.