'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 83 and 84 Spoilers: Gohan to Test Krillin's Strength in Friendly Match [VIDEO]

Son Goku and Krillin has always been partners ever since the start of the "Dragon Ball" franchise. The two best friends have been fighting together since they were children under the tutelage of Master Roshi. However, while Goku has been fighting off enemies from other Universes in "Dragon Ball Super," Krillin has actually settled down with his wife, Android 18.

However, fans may once again be seeing the duo as the latest spoiler reports for "Dragon Ball Super" have revealed that Krillin may be joining Goku's team for the upcoming Tournament of Power. The upcoming new episode for "Dragon Ball Super," episode 83, will feature Goku and the rest of the warriors looking for potential fighters for their team of ten that will be participating in the upcoming tournament. According to Driod Report, Goku's first pick will apparently his long time best friend, Krillin and his powerful wife, Android 18.

According to the synopsis for episode 84, which was posted on the latest issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump, via Comic Book, Goku will apparently try to persuade Krillin to join him in defending the universe. However, Krillin will be reluctant to join in such a potentially deadly event, especially now that he has chosen to live a quiet life.

The synopsis further reveals that Gohan will be openly challenging Krillin to test his strength. Gohan is surprisingly amped up for the upcoming tournament after having fought beside his father in the exhibition matches with Universe 9. Krillin and Gohan's friendly spar will likely ignite Krillin's passion for fighting, which could lead him to decide to join the Goku and the rest of the Universe 7 warriors.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 83, titled "From The Universe 7 Representing Team! Who Are the Strongest Ten?!," will air this Saturday, March 26. Episode 84, titled "Son Goku The Talent Scout: Inviting Krillin and No. 18," will air the week after, on April 2. Fans will be able to catch the show on Crunchyroll at 7:15 p.m. CST, while an English dubbed version will air on Adult Swim at 11:30 p.m. CST.

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