Microsoft Surface Phone Suffers Major Delay! Microsoft Expected To Release Windows 10 Device Instead

This year, Microsoft is expected to release one of its flagship phones, however, it seems like it won't push through anymore. Apparently, Microsoft Surface Phone will undergo more major developments, causing the device to suffer a delay. It looks like the American multinational technology company is really aiming to release something huge!

Previously, Trusted Reviews reported that the Microsoft Surface Phone will be released sometime this 2017. However, a contradicting report claims that the flagship phone is still under some major development, perfecting the key features that it has as this will be the brand's major selling point. It also claims that it will be sporting Win32 applications.

As Droid Report cited, one of HP Elite X3's flaw is its feebleness with Windows 10, in regards to running desktop apps. Despite the smartphones' positive feedbacks, fans have flaws that need improvement. Because of this, supporters were turned off causing most of them to ditch the product. Meanwhile, some users were hopeful in looking fir a workaround.

According to DrWindows, a German publication, the anticipated flagship phone will address its previous concern by designing it as a pocket-sized laptop in terms if functionality. Although the company has proven a lot in the past years, Microsoft will surely find it challenging for the Microsoft Surface Phone to catch up with the improvement. Without a doubt, it will take the brand a longer time than expected to attain its goals.

Because of this, a source has announced that Microsoft will take a time to work on the Microsoft Surface Phone. Therefore, instead of 2017, the smartphone is expected to arrive in 2019. The said improvement will touch not only the Windows 10 ARM, but also its other features such as CShell, Windows 10 Cloud, and Windows 10 Mobile. While this will require a long wait, the brand has promised its users about a forthcoming Windows 10 device.

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