One of the longest-running television program in the world and award-winning daytime soap opera by the NBC network, "Days Of Our Lives" continues to prove that it is still one of the best programs on TV today. Scheduled to air new scenarios for its load of characters this week, some huge revelations and thrilling events are waiting for the fans to see.

Many are hoping that this week could answer at least some of the cliffhangers left by the episodes of "Days Of Our Lives" last week. New speculations about Stephen Nichols' character, Steve, have been reported, and it would reportedly include announcing a great news to his family regarding his paternity. His relationship with Lucas Adams' character, Tripp Dalton has been one of the many questions by the viewers since the soap returned this year.

According to Soap Hub, on this week's episodes of "Days Of Our Lives", fans are reportedly going to see Steve finding out that Tripp Dalton is really his son. It can be recalled that previously, he and his previous lover, Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun), has thought that they may have lost their son and was presumed dead. However, the DNA Test conducted showed that Steve's paternity to Tripp turned out to be positive.

It was reported that on this week's "Days of Our Lives", Steve would be ecstatic to find out the result, but the reaction might not be the same for Tripp. As per the source, this would be an overwhelming news for the character and he might not take it the way Steve would expect him to. Fans are looking forward on how he will deliver this news to Tripp and the possible reactions from the other characters as they get to know the news.

Meanwhile, TV Source reported that also included on the scenes that fans should not miss out on "Days Of Our Lives" is Chad DiMera's (Billy Flynn) revenge against Vincent Irizarry's character, Deimos Kiriakis. On the previous episodes, Deimos threatened Chad by involving the two women he had relationships with, Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) and Abigail Deveraux (Marci Miller).

It was shown on the previous episodes of "Days Of Our Lives" that the two women were poisoned by Deimos as his way of further destroying Chad's life. However, he will reportedly give Deimos a taste of his own medicine, even though Abigail and Gabi are already recovering.