'Supergirl': Girl Power Goes Further; There are Other Female Characters to Look Out for

"Supergirl" immediately became a trendsetter as soon as the show released its first episode, especially for those waiting for a woman to be a role model in today's generation. Apparently, the super-heroine is not the only who makes an impact, as there are also other women that make the show quite more interesting.

According to Screen Rant, "Supergirl" has faced a number of adversities along the way, including both the conventionally evil humans and the meta-humans alike. In this case, the second season still holds the mystery on who will be the ultimate villain-one suggestively being Lillian Luthor. The mother of the ever-popular rival of the Man of Steel is all but a push over in the show, especially as she leads the anti-alien faction CADMUS.

While that may be the case, reports have surfaced saying President Olivia Marsdin is actually a Durlan, after finally being shown as an alien towards the end of the "Supergirl" episode "Distant Sun." More than that, actress Lynda Carter confirmed it herself via social media that she is, indeed, a different species. This only sparks intrigue on what her real motive means.

Another hunch is that of Lena Luthor, despite the character's justification that she wants nothing to do with the reputation her family established. Being the biological half-sister of Lex Luthor himself, it somewhat spikes up interest whether or not she will move into the dark side of her family tree and continue to the villainous schemes that her family has against the Kryptonians in "Supergirl."

Lastly, Queen Rhea has somewhat established a new image for herself in "Supergirl," primarily because of a "wicked witch" and with quite the reasons to do so. Nonetheless, the female characters of the series are already stepping and shaping up to be quite the threats to the DC girl wonder of The CW. The show resumes on April 24, 2017.

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