"Bones" Season 12 has sadly come to an end after 12 years of being on air. As fans will surely miss Temperance Brenna (Emily Deschanel), Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) and everyone at the Jeffersonian lab, a "Bones" reunion is now expected.

In an interview with the show's creator Hart Hanson, he talked about a possible "Bones" reunion featuring the much-loved characters from the series. "In a couple years or something, it might be a lot of fun to get the band back together again and see what we could do," he told Deadline.

Although it might not come this early, Hanson is now thinking of the possibilities of "Bones" reunion. However, he admitted that the show's characters have no personal things to get over with, but there might be a reason for a get-together.

Now that Hanson hinted "Bones" reunion, TV Series Finale reported what would be the possible reboot will be about. The executive producer revealed that he has no idea how it will flow yet, but he has some notes from the previous season that he could use in the revival.

"I have a bin with stuff in it, but no, there's no script, there's no story idea," Hanson described. "Bones" reunion might be composed of the notes he has saved where his ideas are kept. He considered it as a box full of his thoughts that he could reveal when anyone asks him for it.

However, Hanson explained that he still needs to look into in if it can be used as a storyline of "Bones" reunion or he has to make something new. This is especially now that the competition between television series is very strong.

In fact, there are television series today that are "big, noisy and famous" but they just suddenly get canceled and beginning to be forgotten. Hanson now worries if their show might have a future like this and "Bones" reunion won't be a success.