It was earlier in March when the Nintendo Switch has hit the market shelves and it appears that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gained a huge threat. Nintendo was able to sell over 500,000 units of the hybrid console in just four weeks indicating that it will give a good battle against Sony and Microsoft's pride.

According to Gamingbolt, the Nintendo Switch release has been a major success worldwide as it was able to outperform PlayStation 4 sales in in Japan. In fact, Media Create numbers was able to track that the hybrid console was able to sell more than 500,000 units in just four weeks which showed it was able to outlast PlayStation 4 sales and of course the Microsoft counterpart; Xbox One.

Moreover, Daily Express has noted that Nintendo stated in an interview that the Nintendo Switch is setting sales records. The hybrid console was also able to turn the industry on its head despite the stock shortages it had experienced.

It was also worth mentioning that Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime has defined the reaction to the Nintendo Switch is remarkable before he said that it was a wonderful time to be part of the Japanese tech company. He further added that every day the Switch has been setting new records and that the reactions of the consumers are fantastic.

"I've seen the games, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, right now the fourth highest-rated game in the history of video games," Fils-Aime stated. He even claimed that with the launch of Nintendo Switch, the company was able to turn the industry on its ear.

Aside from the hype on Nintendo Switch, the Japanese tech giant is also slated to reveal new games for the Nintendo 3DS. The company is also working on something big for the E3 and it will surely be launching some new games for its consoles.

With the Nintendo Switch garnering over 500,000 units sold, PlayStation and Xbox One now have a tough competitor. Moreover, it is still to be found out if the hybrid console will be able to set a new track record in sales.