"Attack on Titan" Season 2 has a lot in store for the fans when it makes its comeback. Fans are expecting that there will be a blind surprise for everyone.

Manga readers know the story of "Attack on Titan" Season 2 as Hajime Isayama's story is way ahead when compared to the television series. Yuki Kaji, Eren Jaeger's voice actor, has revealed some details on the upcoming anime according to a report by Comicbook.

Beast Titan is expected to join "Attack on Titan" Season 2. Just like its name, the new character is as scary as it sounds. Yuki Kaji said that fans should pay attention to the new beast. "Given the information that was released with the PV, I guess there's the Beast Titan," the voice actor added.

Yuki Kai also said that "Attack on Titan" Season 2 will have a different image and impact. The Beast Titan is a very important character in that respect according to Eren's voice actor. Connie and Sasha will still add flavor to the series as teammates and comrades. In addition, Krista and Ymir are characters that will have a very important role in the anime series.

The voice actor also revealed that in their recordings, Eren has not played a huge role in the drama. Fans are worried that the protagonist might eventually be ticked off in "Attack on Titan" Season 2.

Viewers are expecting that the Beast Titan in "Attack on Titan" Season 2 will be a major enemy of Eren and his Survey Corps comrades just like in the manga. Beast Titan is also known to be the strongest shifter and an intelligent creator who can speak. To give emphasis to its beastly nature, it is covered in thick brown fur.

"Attack on Titan" Season 2 is highly anticipated by millions of fans to air on April 1 according to Droid Report. The cast of the anime series is also preparing to return to Japan.