‘The Amazing Race’ 2017 Takes On Different Direction; Meet The Cast Here [WATCH]

"The Amazing Race" 2017 will explore the different territory as the show send pairs of complete strangers around the world. In the past, teams are composed of pre-existing relationships.

Phil Keoghan said that this set up for "The Amazing Race" 2017 has been talked about for many years. "We've talked about lots of different things for years. We've talked about having all kinds of different types of people or different themes," he said in an interview with TV Guide. He said that he is really glad the show is taking on a different direction this year.

The 22 racers will have to complete a challenge at the starting line to determine the order in which they will select their partners basing on first impressions according to People. "The Amazing Race" 2017 producers will not do the pairing. One of the challenges in pairing racers is working out who goes out with whom.

Casts with pre-existing relationship have something in common. However, these 22 racers are distinctly different from each other. Fans have to see what happens when two complete strangers with absolute nothing in common except to finish the line and win $1 million in "The Amazing Race" 2017.

The first destination in "The Amazing Race" 2017 will be in Panama City. Other places they will race on will be Tanzania, Norway, and Greece. The show will cover 17 cities in nine different countries, and racers will have to travel 36,000 miles. Keoghan said that this season is truly unlike any season that they've done before. However, there will still be fighting but of a different kind.

"The Amazing Race" 2017 premieres on Thursday, March 30 at 10/9c on CBS. Stay tuned to Enstarz for the latest news and update of your favorite television shows. Check out the video below to meet the new racers.

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