"Teen Mom 2" Kailyn Lowry is expecting baby number three and she is nothing but loud and proud about her pregnancy. Despite the controversy about the baby's father, the reality star seems to be unfazed by the negative comments and is determined to enjoy her pregnancy.

In fact, "Teen Mom 2" Kailyn Lowry has been sharing tidbits about her pregnancy on social media. According to People, Lowry shared a photo of her latest ultrasound and it silenced all the speculations that the reality star might be carrying twins.

The "Teen Mom 2" star revealed her pregnancy in Feb. which led to several controversies and issues surrounding her and her latest partner, Javi Marroquin. Lowry has been known to be frank and upfront when it comes to issues pertaining to her and her family and that seemed to be the driving force why she revealed her pregnancy through a blog post.

While pregnancy news about "Teen Mom 2" Kailyn Lowry has already been circulating even before Feb., the reality star decided to wait for a while before confirming the news. This was because she was reportedly experiencing a high-risk pregnancy and waited for everything to be safe and stable before making the announcement.

It can be remembered that "Teen Mom 2" Kailyn Lowry has experienced a miscarriage in the past and she reportedly didn't want to announce her third pregnancy only to suffer another miscarriage. "I didn't want to announce just to have another miscarriage and suffer through another grief," Lowry said.

As of writing, "Teen Mom 2" Kailyn Lowry has yet to give details on who the father of her third baby is. According to US Weekly, Marroquin and Lowry have decided to settle their differences for the sake of their 3-year old son, Lincoln. The fans are also supportive and patient enough to wait until the pregnant reality star is ready to reveal who the father is.