When the Nintendo Switch hit the market shelves, it has delivered Nintendo record breaking sales but it also resulting to some issues with the stocks and luckily, the said problem has been addressed. Meanwhile, the scarcity in Nintendo NES Classic Mini Edition units seems to be resolved in form of the RetroEngine Sigma.

According to Daily Express, the numbers of Nintendo Switch units are still low and a lot of company's patrons who did not placed their pre-orders are still in front of wait time to buy the hybrid console. Nevertheless, it seems that a solution is already at sight as the Nintendo Switch hunters are looking forward to the availability of the device at GameStop as the retailer promised that it will be available this week.

It can be remembered that the Nintendo Switch stock already obtained a major availability boost on March 22. This is the time when GameStop revealed that it will be receiving a new shipment of consoles. Conversely, the US retailers had warned the buyers to first check the local stores for availability but then it appears that they could grab one unit next week.

In separate news, Daily Star has learned that there is a possible solution to the Nintendo NES Classic Mini Edition stock scarcity and it is in the form of RetroEngine Sigma. The said device not just only goes everything the Nintendo retro console can do, but it could even exceed the device. As a matter of fact, this gadget not just let its users play more than the restrictive NES titles, but it also has supports for another 28 video games consoles. The said support encompasses the NES, SNES, GameBoy, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, PlayStation 1, as well as the old school systems like the Atari ST and ZX Sinclair.

Moreover, the creators of the RetroEngine Sigma revealed that it will be shipped with 15 branded games. But then, to get the best out of it; the owners should grab some of the thousands of extra free ROM's that can be effortlessly mounted to the system using the internet. This console also has a decent value of £62 with accessories like Dual Stick Analog Controller, 32GB MicroSD Card and other equipment.

With GameStop obtaining more Nintendo Switch units, the issue about the stock seems to be already addressed. Aside from that, the Nintendo NES Classic Mini Edition scarcity appears to be solved through the RetroEngine Sigma.