Google Pixel, Pixel XL Still Reportedly Behind Apple & Samsung In Terms Of Sales

Google's new handsets, the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, were no doubt a success when the company released the phones in late 2016. However, recent reports have emerged that the brands were not exactly as successful as one might think in terms of sales.

The tech giant had only managed to roll out 552,000 units of Google Pixel before the year 2016 ended, according to The Washington Post. When compared with other leading manufacturers' products, Google's sales for the phone is nothing short but inferior. For example, Apple managed to make 78 million units sold between September and December 2016. Samsung, on the other hand, had sold 2.5 million units of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - before it was pulled out from the market in October 2016.

On a global scale, the shipped units that the tech giant made for Google Pixel has only received less than 1 percent of shares, The Washington Post report continued. Samsung and Apple, however, have managed to make 18 and 18.2 percent shares, said International Data Corporation research manager, Ramon Llamas.

The number of sales for Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL shouldn't really come much as a surprise. Aside from the company itself, consumers can only purchase the phone from Verizon. This is also a factor why the phone didn't quite live up in terms of sold units - especially it is the first one after the tech giant moved away from its Nexus line.

It is still unclear, though, if the tech giant would continue with this kind of strategy for its upcoming Google Pixel 2. More news about the matter should emerge in the coming months - possibly when the release date is near.

Despite that, though, many tech enthusiasts seem to think that Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL are still one of the best smartphones in the industry. This is accompanied alongside by the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, as said on Droid Report.

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