FAA Clears Harrison Ford On Landing Mishap


After nearly crashing into an American Airlines Boeing 737 filled with passengers, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has now concluded its investigation on Harrison Ford's apparent mishap.

The FAA has reportedly decided not to pursue any enforcement action against the 74-year-old actor after he had mistakenly landed on an airport's taxiway instead on his designated landing strip.

Aside from being an accomplished actor, Ford is also a licensed pilot who actively pursues his hobby of flying. Back in February, the "Indiana Jones" actor was flying his private single-engine plane and requested air traffic controller for an available landing strip.

After having been instructed to land on an open air strip, the actor mistakenly headed for a taxiway instead. According to BBC, Ford's plane then flew on an American Airlines Boeing 737 commercial jet that was carrying 116 passengers and crew members. Ford even asked the air traffic controller if the plane was supposed to be below him, indicating that he was also unaware of his mistake at that very moment.

According to CNN, after FAA has already concluded their investigation and interviews with Ford. The agency then decided against taking the actor's pilot certificate or giving him any restrictions.

Ford's attorney, Stephen Hofer, then issued a statement and defended Ford in saying that he has had over 5,000 hours in the air and has been flying for more than 20 years. Hofer then clarified that his client was never the subject of any FAA enforcement or administrative action.

The FAA also issued their own statement and mentioned that flawed procedures and simple mistakes aren't really subject to any administrative actions and is instead treated with counseling or additional training.

Ford's close call isn't the actor's first blunder, as Ford actually crashed his vintage World War 2 two-seat plan onto a golf course in Santa Monica, California, back in 2015. In 2000, Ford also crashed his plane while landing on a runway in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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