"Pokemon Go" developer, Niantic Labs, has shut down another two popular trackers for the mobile augmented reality (AR) game: "PokeSearch" and "PokeSensor."

According to Reddit post on The Silph Road on Tuesday, both PokeSearch and PokeSensor trackers for "Pokemon Go" have now been taken down after receiving complaints coming from Niantic Labs and The Pokemon Company. The developer of the latter, PokeSensor, has created a thread on the social forum to discuss how his tracker application for the AR game gets shut down.

"This past weekend I received an email from Apple stating that the Pokemon Company International (TPCi) had taken issue with my use of "TPCi's services", especially their Pokemon Trainer Club service. Specifically logging in and scanning with PTC accounts," Reddit user and PokeSensor developer, LogickLLC, wrote on the thread.

The recent move coming from Niantic Labs to shut down all "Pokemon Go" tracker services should not come as much of a surprise to the community. The developer has been doing this for quite some time now, especially since it elevates the advantage of some users to others who are playing the AR game without any sort of third-party applications.

These scanners, as reported on Otakuart, is popular with some users most especially during events for "Pokemon Go." Because of that, some couldn't help but view the apps as cheats.

On a different news, the game developer has officially announced that there 87 million eggs were hatched during the recent "Pokemon Go" event Eggstravaganza. The special Easter-inspired event ran from April 13 through April 20, Siliconera reported.

To those who might have missed the event, participants had the chance to earn Candy for every egg they hatched, which comes with double the usual experience (XP) points. The Lucky Egg was also at a discount during the duration of the event - 50 percent off, to be more precise, in the in-game store.