‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 88 introduces a new female character named Caulifla

The recent "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 88 has been aired and it has introduced a new female character called Caulifla who will represent the Universe 6 fighters along with Cabba - and possibly the legendary assassin Hit.

Stills from "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 88 showed Caulifla's character hair design is somehow similar to Son Goku's, as reported by Comicbook. She is sporting a spiky black hair and obsidian eyes. Despite her small body frame, fans strongly believe that she could be one of the most powerful fighters in Universe 6.

As what some may recall, a female fighter was shown in the first trailer for the current arc of "Dragon Ball Super" dubbed as "Universal Survival." She has the ability to transform into a Legendary Super Saiyan much like the non-canon character from the "Dragon Ball Z" movies, Broly. Anime YouTube user, Double4anime, has noted that she could be the person showed in the trailer.

However, the person showed in the trailer has a different personality compared to Caulifla in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 88. In the recent episode, it was noted by her older brother Renso that she is the leader of a group of Saiyan punks. The female fighter in the trailer, on the other hand, seems to be more shy or meek than Caulifla.

In another part of the episode, Son Gohan's training under Piccolo has already ended. He has managed to unlock his old power known as the Mystic Form that he acquired from Old Kai during the Buu Saga.

Meanwhile, Son Goku is now looking for the final members of his team for the Tournament of Power. And the final candidates that he has in mind are Tien Shinhan and his former trainer, Master Roshi, as can be seen in the preview trailer for "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 89.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 89 is scheduled to air on Sunday, May 7.

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