Bobbi Kristina Brown's ex-boyfriend, Nick Gordon, was arrested due to domestic abuse against his current girlfriend, Laura Leal.

He appeared in court on Sunday after being arrested a day earlier.

According to a police report, Gordon claimed he was the one who was getting abused.

"Gordon stated that he never hit his girlfriend because [he] really cares for her," the report explained. "Gordon also advised that he is the one that was abused and punished. Gordon stated that Laura Leal hit and punched him repeatedly. Gordon stated that Laura Leal is not telling the truth and wishes to press charges on her."

In the meantime, he will be forced to wear a GPS tracker and is ordered not to interact with Leal.

His girlfriend claims that he became violent and punched her in the head multiple times during an argument in their Florida home.

After she went to the police, Gordon was quickly arrested.

Within the past months, Gordon has been in the headlines for being found guilty of Brown's death.

Brown drowned in a bathtub, coincidentally, similar to how her mother, Whitney Houston, died.

It has been said that Gordon "placed her in a bathtub, unconscious after he injected her with a toxic mixture."

Since then, he has been ordered to pay Brown's family $36 million dollars.

Gordon has a bail set at $15,500 and will reappear in court this upcoming August.