Oprah Winfrey Confesses To Becoming Suicidal After Being Impregnated By Her Uncle


Oprah Winfrey has been in the spotlight all of her life, although, the media mogul shared a dark side of her no one has ever seen before.

In a recent interview, the 63-year-old confessed to being suicidal after her uncle impregnated her when she was 14. Winfrey attempted to drink laundry detergent in an attempt to terminate the pregnancy.

"I hit rock-bottom. I became pregnant and hid the pregnancy. I'd intended to kill myself actually. I thought there's no way other than killing myself. I was just planning on how to do it. If I'd had the Internet, I might not be alive because now you can just Google how to do it." she said.

Winfrey had a miscarriage and claimed it was a "blessing in disguise" because she was given a chance to live her life as a child.

"When the baby died, I knew that it was my second chance," she said. "I was, in many ways, saved by that, and I made a decision that I was going to turn it around."

However, this wasn't the first time Winfrey received sexual abuse from a family member. When Winfrey was nine, she was raped by her 19-year-old cousin.

"He took me to an ice cream shop - blood still running down my leg - and bought me ice cream." she said.

Despite her dark childhood, Winfrey has built her own empire and became a billionaire from starting her own cable network.

She has also been with her longtime partner, Stedman Graham, for 31 years, although, there is no talk of the couple getting married anytime soon.

"The reason this relationship has worked as well as it has is because we each got to define ourselves in it and not in a traditional form," she said. "I am a different kind of woman in that I am pretty assured that had I married I wouldn't have remained married. I'm just not the marrying kind."

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