In a beauty ad for her upcoming KKW beauty line, Kim Kardashian was accused of wearing blackface due to her darker skin tone in the advertisement.

The reality star announced on Twitter on Wednesday that she would be launching her first line of cosmetics, however, Twitter users were not pleased with the advertisement's appearance.

Although it is known that Kardashian uses spray tans and layers up of makeup, her skin tone in the photo is completely unlike her shade in real life.

People have definitely noticed Kim's change in hue and decided to take it to Twitter.

The Kardashian and Jenner clan have been accused of cultural appropriation. Whether it be Kim rocking cornrows, Kylie getting lip injections or Khloe getting butt implants, they have all been accused of stealing the features of black and Latino women.

Although, many have claimed that this was the furthest they have gone in terms of appropriating culture.

Within a few hours, the ad was removed from Twitter but still remains on Instagram.

Kim has yet to respond to all the drama, but she has made the controversial photo her icon on Twitter and Instagram.