Katie Couric's daytime talk show Katie may not be renewed for a third season and she could leave the ABC show to join CNN, according to The Daily Mail.

Katie began in September 2012 and was syndicated to stations in more than 95 per cent of the country. The show was renewed for a second season in January.

A recent Nielsen Media Research report indicated that the show's ratings were down 30 per cent from the same period last year as of the middle of May.

Sources reportedly revealed that there has been drama surrounding Katie since executive producer Jeff Zucker left, according to The New York Post.  

Sources also apparently said that Zucker's departure created a "very stressful" situation with "staffing weirdness" and "no one making decisions."

Host Couric, a TV veteran of the Today Show and an established news anchor, launched the TV program with Zucker, who left and joined CNN as the network's worldwide president.

Since Zucker's departure, reports of a lack of leadership and direction surfaced particularly after Zucker's replacement Michael Morrison announced he was also leaving the series after the Season ends in July.

The New York Post on Friday cited "buzz inside ABC" speculating that Couric could leave the show after Season 2 and head to CNN to rejoin Zucker.

An insider said, "There wasn't a figure who could keep control. It became challenging because of the way that Jeff left. There's been creative tension." Sources close to Couric denied the rumors, saying she has a deal with ABC.

A former The Tyra Banks Show producer, Rachel Miskowiec, will replace Morrison as executive producer.