Fans got a look at the old Evelyn Lozada when Jackie Christie pushed her beyond her breaking point on Monday night's episode of Basketball Wives on VH1.

Christie sparked the latest round when she told Lozada to steer clear of her and her daughter.

Lozada had made headlines after she donated money to Christie's daughter, Takari, after Takari's son was hurt in a fire. Christie asked Lozada what she would do if she stepped in when she heard things about Lozada's child.

"What if I listened to the [stuff] that's on the Internet about you having a daughter that they say is a build-a-wh*re?"

That was clearly enough for Lozada to make a move, literally.

Lozada later told cameras she was "so angry" and called out Christie for the "low blow" about her daughter.

"She's really a disgusting human being."

Lozada got up and walked out. Shaunie O'Neal later followed to make sure she was okay.

Christie shared her side with cameras as well and said Lozada was the one who brought her daughter in it when she gave her money.

Lozada broke down into tears and told O'Neal and Tami Roman that it was taking all of her strength not to punch Christie. Bonnie-Jill then came out and said Christie wanted an apology before she apologized about insulting Lozada's daughter.

Christie came out and tried to apologize, but Lozada didn’t want to hear it. Christie ended up getting Lozada to lunge toward her. Security was there to keep the ladies apart, but Lozada ended up taking out her anger on the restaurant. This resulted in Lozada threatening Christie saying that she would send her friends to her hotel.

She was spotted making a phone call telling someone to stay at Christie’s hotel until she came out. Christie was on a mission of her own and was determined to get Lozada’s hotel room number.