It's clear that Brandon Barnes, the son of Hip-Hop executive Debra Atney and Lil Wayne's oldest child, Reginae Carter, are the two who will be beefing it out this season on WeTV's Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta. Now Barnes has opened up about their drama after he took a shot at Lil Wayne's career.

In one clip, Reginae fired shots at Brandon, who claimed he worked with the likes of Rihanna.

When asked who else he's worked with, Brandon responded with, "Someone who could have saved your father's career."

Now that drama has exploded, Brandon has spoken out about it as well as his issues with Reginae.

Brandon also dissed Zonnique Pullins, who is the daughter of rapper T.I. and Tiny.

"I don't fault Reginae for anything," Brandon told Bossip on Thursday about their beef over Brandon's comments toward Zonnique. "You're taking up for your friend. Unfortunately, you're taking up for your friend without knowing the conversations that your friend and I have had."

Interestingly enough, the issues with Brandon and Zonnique started after Zonnique skipped out on a vocal session with Brandon on the series premiere. He also had a few words for Zonnique when she dressed very risqué for a photo shoot.

"You can't come dressing like you're a kid group to dress like how Rihanna's dressing," he said. "Rihanna can do that because people watched her grow and watched her being developed. When I walked into the photo shoot I was thrown off, me being the friend that I am, my first approach was to approach Zonnique and ask her, they didn't show that. Do I think Zonnique was underdressed? Absolutely that part was real."

The parents also got involved and got into a heated conversation.

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