Fans saw Evelyn Lozada revert back to her old ways on a recent episode of VH1's Basketball Wives. However, it still might be safe to say she's changed. Still, is her BFF turned foe Jennifer Williams ready to reunite after their rocky past?

Lozada has gotten physical with Williams before and while that was years ago, it's not clear if Williams is ready to be in her presence again. Tami Roman tried to find out if Williams was in on seeing Lozada again in Monday night's episode of the hit reality show.

Roman opened up about her "little moments" with Lozada this season and Williams used that as an open door to find out if Roman thinks Lozada really is a new woman.

"I would say I would think that it's a different Evelyn," Roman said. "She has learned how to fine tune her anger and her pop-off."

Still, Roman later told cameras she wasn't sure of Lozada had really changed.

"What I do know is that we have decided to move past our differences and I think she can do the same with Jen."

As for Williams, her main concern is if Lozada would try to "throw a bottle" during their face-to-face reunion.

"That's interesting," Williams said.

She also told cameras, "Evelyn and I have not spoken. It's been five years I think. But we had some amazing times in Miami. But then my friendship with Evelyn pretty much crumbled. Evelyn was evil back in the day. The fact that Evelyn and I don't have a relationship it actually makes me really said. She and I had our own, separate friendship before we met any of these ladies. I feel like we kind of grew up together."

Williams said that while time has passed, she's still looking for an apology from Lozada.

Check it out.

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