A sneak peek for the new episode of Basketball Wives was released and Jackie decided to remove herself from enjoying the luxurious life with Kijafa Vick and Jeniva Samuel on a yacht once Evelyn Lozada showed up.

"Are you jealous or are you avoiding me because you know I want to knock you out right now?" Jackie said about Evelyn.

"I'm sitting here looking at Jackie and I know her mind is ticking, her mind is thinking something and in a minute it's gonna come out of her mouth and I don't wanna be sitting here when it does," Tami said.

Evelyn had no tolerance for Jackie and accuses her of being drunk on the boat. However, all the ladies agree and try their hardest to be civil but the tension between Evelyn and Jackie is too hard to ignore.

"Jeniva and Kijafa invited us all on this yacht and I feel bad for them because tension between me and Evelyn is getting way heated and out of hand," Jackie said.

Eventually, Jackie gave in and decided to leave with Malaysia.

"Malaysia, I think it'd be best if we get off this boat. You know your temper and you know mine because otherwise, I need to have a conversation. This fake s**t, I can't do," Jackie said. "If Evelyn is not going to remove herself from the situation, I guess I have to be the bigger person and just take myself out of the situation."

It's hard to determine if Jackie and Evelyn will ever patch things up, however, it looks like they won't in this episode.

The new episode of Basketball Wives airs Monday at 9/8c on VH1.