The ladies of Basketball Wives started it all in Miami and a sneak peek was just released of Shaunie and Evelyn reminiscing on the golden days.

Evelyn, Tami, Shaunie and Jennifer began everything in Miami, which is why a potential trip back to there may be in the works. In the teaser, Shaunie suggests to Evelyn that they take a trip back with the girls to see if they can get back to their old ways.

"We had such a good time in Miami," Shaunie remarked.

"We really did," Evelyn replied.

"Evelyn and Jen are over their beef and I am just happy. I feel like we can move forward and I'm starting to feel the old circle back again, it's a good feeling." Shaunie said.

Things seem to be looking bright for the ladies of the hit reality show, although, will they stay that way?

Evelyn admits that she has not been in Miami since her domestic violence situation, but she is ready to go back and recall the good memories she had there.

"So much good has happened there, but I also have so many dark memories too. I haven't been back to Miami since I moved," Evelyn said. "I do know that if that sh*t didn't pop off like that, I could've still been there. I know that I need to establish new memories, but who knows? Maybe going to Miami is the best thing for me."

Although Shaunie and Evelyn are definitely down for the trip, most likely Tami and Jen as well, what about Malaysia and Jackie? No word on whether or not they will be joining the ladies.

Find out what happens in the next episode of Basketball Wives on Monday, 9/8c on VH1.