Here’s Why Blisters Form In The First Place And How Can They Be Treated

Blisters usually appear when one person is wearing a new pair of shoes. When the person gets to wear these new shoes out the door, he usually experiences discomfort and already feels a blister or even two of this. As a result, this new pair of shoes suddenly becomes unwearable.

PEOPLE reported that no matter how a person tries to find for the comfiest shoes in the market, still he or she cannot get away from the pesky trap, unbendable heel or hard insole which leads to discomfort and immediate friction. A Sports Physical Therapist, Dr. Brian Hoke just shared some details reading how blisters form, how they can be treated and avoided altogether.

According to Dr. Hoke, blisters form as a response to sheer force and not so much with the pressure as the gliding of the skin on the surface. He also explained further by telling that the skin is being trapped between bones which move back and forth while the body tries to create a pad. Because of this, the layers of the skin are being separated and the fluid leaks into that space forming now the blisters.

In order to treat a blister, Dr. Hoke further claimed that the affected area should be cleaned first and he gave caution that the person with the blisters should be careful in popping it. Therefore, he suggested that the blister should not be popped since if that will be pierced it's like the person opens himself up to the world. It is then better to keep it that way and leave the area germ-free.

But if the blister voluntarily pops, it should be covered with anything that comes out of a wrapper to avoid it getting contaminated. Then Dr. Hoke also recommended a bandage to use and that is Spenco 2nd Skin. He described this as a little sheet like a silicone which does not only protect the blister but also absorbs the shoe that brings discomfort.

If the affected area is getting better, the person must leave the bandage on for two days but it should be changed if the area starts to weep. Lastly, Dr. Hoke also claimed that the best way to avoid a blister is wearing the shoe for an hour or two and then change to something that is comfortable. In this way, the person is less likely to develop a blister.

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