Latest developments in the case of Justin Bieber regarding an incident with the photographer claimed that the pop star will not be charged with any crime. However, the authorities claimed that the singer might face a civil lawsuit instead and this will likely happen.

Justin Bieber was already leaving a service with the Hillsong Church group in Los Angeles when he accidentally hit a photographer with his pickup truck. The paparazzo named Maurice Lamont fell instantly to the ground and ended up in the hospital because of a leg injury.

Even if his vehicle knocked down on the paparazzo, Mail Online reported that the police did not recommend any criminal charge against Justin Bieber since the aid act lacked intention. In a twist in the incident, it is the photographer who is legally viable to be charged criminally because he was standing in a road and this is against the law in the United States.

It can be recalled that Justin Bieber did not leave immediately after the incident and waited for the authorities and the ambulance to arrive. He was seen helping the photographer to his feet as the latter was clutching his leg. But the pop star was not done yet since he could face a civil lawsuit instead and this will likely happen.

However, according to Metro, Justin Bieber has the advantage in the incident since it was claimed that he had the right of way and was blinded by the flashes of the camera. In addition, the photographer stayed in the place where he should not have been.

Before this report, Maurice Lamont already broke his silence regarding the incident. He just posted a video on Instagram saying that he is not blaming Justin Bieber for the accident. He even shared that the singer was a good kid and a compassionate one and that accident cannot be avoided.

Moreover, Justin Bieber cooperated with the authorities and did not leave right away. Some reports also claimed that Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian were at t church event Justin attended but they were not involved in the incident.