"Teen Wolf" Season 6 second arc has been on air since the end of July and it is slated to bring down the curtains on the popular MV show. However, as the series draws to a close, it will return to its origins and characters will be seen fighting their old enemy i.e. humans.

It will no longer be a fight with supernatural creatures in the second arc of "Teen Wolf" Season 6 as the show is returning to its roots. According to E! News, the last ten episodes of this season will be seen tracing their footsteps back to the first season and thus, it will all get back to the original fight between humans and werewolves. Tyler Posey aka Scott recently said that they are returning to the simple "Teen Wolf" days. Linden Ashby said that characters will face fear and disunity.

The negative forces will impact them but there is hope as well. Charlie Carver said that it is good that "Teen Wolf" Season 6 is going back to its roots as it feels that things are coming a full circle at the end. As for Shelley Hennig, she revealed that the final season will see the characters in their most scared selves and if fans remember, fear is something that has always been the foundation of the MTV series.

Meanwhile, the first few episodes of the second arc will take things slowly, claimed Forbes. This is because it is a buildup for the big twists that are coming next, What viewers are seeing now is just the start of the closing story and thus, there will be no paced-up action or drama in the initial episodes. The mysteries and major developments will come forth in the final episodes.

So, fans should get ready to see their heroes fail, alliances topple and many more unexpected turns. However, once this is over, it would be time for revival and as "Teen Wolf" has proved in the past seasons, anything can happen in Beacon Hills.