‘Suits’ Spoilers: Harvey Denies Feeling For Donna While Dating Paula; Andy Threatens To Put Donna On The Stand


"Suits" provides a season for a newfound romance for lawyer Harvey Specter but even if he has been dating girlfriend Paula already, he has been denying his feelings for Donna too. Moreover, some spoilers also suggested that in this season finale, some truths might come out s Andy also threatens to put Donna on the stand.

According to Spoilers Guide, it has been a while since fans of "Suits" have seen Harvey in a serious relationship and this side of him might be the one which will be explored in the said season. Harvey has been known to be so work-centric as he is such a workaholic. With this, it was great to see him pursue someone that he cared for, respected and thought that he has chemistry with.

A lot of "Suits" fans are excited for the idea that Harvey will be settling down already and is growing up in some way. This season of the series features Harvey growing up I a lot of ways and the production that has been considered as fun to work on and explore.

During the Season 6 of "Suits", Harvey went back to therapy until he ended up dating his former therapist and the fans found out that he has set his sights on Paula. Because of this surprising event, the viewers were presented with the ethics of action and relationship in the world of law. Harvey dating his former therapist creates a great drama for the series.

TV Line reported that as Harvey has been dating Paula in the "Suits" series, Donna's feelings about Harvey has slowly come to the surface all the more. With this, the spoilers claimed that this storyline opened up Harvey's desire to be able to get away from work and get away from the drama of relationships he has.

In the teaser for the next episode of "Suits", Mike urges Donna to tell her feelings to Harvey and this will give a preview about the dynamic in terms of the relationship between Paula, Harvey, and Donna in the end of the series. Moreover, the idea that Donna will be put on the stand by Andy will lead and show the unbalanced version of Harvey.

It can be recalled that the last time they put Donna on the stand was during a mock trial and viewers were able to see a lot of her feelings. But as mentioned by "Suits" spoilers, Harvey could be in denial about his feelings for Donna.

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