Reality TV star Lisa Vanderpump is mourning after the sudden demise of her pet pink dog is paying tribute to her beloved Pink Dog.The 57-year-old star shared her pain on Instagram by sharing a picture of her pink 5-year-old pomeranian and wrote "Rest in peace Pink Dog".

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star on twitter explained that her husband Ken Todd tried his hardest to revive their dog but all in vain. "Pink dog died suddenly yesterday afternoon", she wrote. "Ken gave her CPR all the way to vet but it was too late. Very very sad at this moment."

Vanderpump and her husband are pet lovers and together they have more than 25 pets which include horses, swans, and turtles In 2016 the star founded a nonprofit organization called The Vanderpump Dog Foundation. She has also given aid to the fight for ending "Yulin Dog Meat Festival" in China. In March the couple opened their own dog rescue centre in LA.

The restaurateur was often seen with Pink on social media and also on the show "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and also made cute cameos with Lisa's other pooches Giggy, Daddio, and her "LoveDog" Schnooky. Once she had told The New York Post  that she thinks Pink knows that her color is pink and she is special.After hearing the news of the death of the dog, several fans expressed condolences on social media

Earlier her most famous dog Giggy got involved in a lawsuit. They were sued by a company called Fifi & Romeo, a company who claims that the actress has not promoted the brand enough in exchange for free dog clothes. But sources have said that she has done enough promotions.She has always mentioned the name of the designer on social media and had even featured the Fifi & Romeo store on her show. She has in fact gone out of her way at times to promote the brand, an insider added.