Is Paris Hilton Missing 'Nice Girls'?

The diva Paris Hilton revisited her night of fun from the good old days of pop culture, over her social media page on Wednesday. She posted the picture to caption it with 'three crowns'-which indicated "Three Queens", Britney, Lindsay and Paris, a throwback picture taken in 2006.

Fans upon seeing the throwback picture thought the trio looked great together and wished to see them back, just like their 'Nice Girl' days. Some even thought that they must try writing a book on what happened that entire night, maybe an episode of the physical altercation between them.

Above all, the picture led to fans speculating if the gang would get back together again. They were iconic celebrities of the 2000's era and if Hilton's Picture had anything to do with their reunion, that does matter a lot to their fans.

The Pop-culture princesses have had their share of catfights and Hilton has come a long way leaving behind her Crotch à la days. The queens in return have a reason to celebrate their thirty and thriving days, this is hinting at a reunion, though fans.

However, the "Mean Girls" actor Lindsay Lohan, had wished for a reunion of the queens before Hilton. She had earlier requested pals Britney and Hilton to join her on her birthday party, over a tweet posted on June 28, this year.

It was an invitation to her 31st birthday party in Greece over the same weekend. Interestingly, she also extended her birthday invitation to Beyonce but go no response from them.

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