'Scandal' Cast Season 7: Tony Goldwyn Reveals How Far Fitz Goes To Save Olivia [VIDEO]

Viewers of ABC’s Scandal saw Fitz receive the shocking revelation that Olivia Pope was now a member of the dark side. Actor Tony Goldwyn revealed how his character will handle Liv’s turn for the worst.

“In a certain way, it’s his worst nightmare,” Goldwyn told Entertainment Weekly recently. “Fitz and Olivia have a pact, based on love really, that he needed to leave and let her become who she needs to become. They both realized at the end of last season that he couldn’t be a part of that, that her destiny is to become – presumably wearing the white hat – her fullest self at the center of power.”

Olivia took a deviation from that plan and traded in her white hat to sit at the head of the table of the violent B6-13. Goldwyn said this is more than enough for Fitz to break his deal with Olivia and try to get her to snap back to reality before it’s too late. And Fitz and Rowan actually agree that Fitz is the sole person who can do it.

“I think he’s the only thing, honestly,” Goldwyn continued. “Rowan says that. Whether Rowan is manipulating Fitz, I don’t know. I don’t think Fitz trusts Rowan. I don’t necessarily know that Fitz quite buys Rowan’s act, which may be real; I don’t know what [creator] Shonda [Rhimes] is thinking. Rowan is not Fitz’s go-to person to get the truth from. But I think he sees that this is no joke.”

He went on to say Fitz is on board because he knows Olivia as well as how B6-13 works. He’s the only one who has the lethal combination needed to get Olivia back on track. But it might be more difficult than he thinks.

“We all know that Olivia is not going to be welcoming this with open arms. We’ve seen how Olivia reacts to Fitz’s interventions of her life in the past, and it never goes well. He’s going to be up against some really strong opposition. It’s going to be a huge challenge for Fitz to try to get in there, because he’s not going to be welcomed.”

Goldwyn added he might be imposing on his ex-wife, Mellie Grant, who was his successor as President of the United States. Now that her first 100 days are up, Goldwyn said Fitz can’t help but get involved.

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Scandal airs Thursdays on ABC at 9/8c. Take a look at a teaser for this week's episode below.

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