In the hit Showtime drama, Shameless, Ethan Cutkosky portrays the second to youngest of the Gallagher bunch, Carl. Carl has had his fair share of mishaps. Actually, he's had quite a few. You could imagine everyone's surprise when the bad boy of the bunch turned a new leaf, somewhat, and joined the military school to have a better future for his life. Well, it seems like the 18-year-old star may actually be in some real-life trouble.

Cutkosky was arrested on Wednesday, Nov. 1 after being pulled over by the police because he was straddling lanes in his orange BMW. The Shameless star was stopped at 10:30 pm in Los Angeles and was released on a $5,000 bail Thursday morning. Cutkosky's toxicology report has not been released yet, so it has not been determined if it was drugs or alcohol that caused Cutksoky to swerve while driving.

Cutkosky has played the role of Carl for the last eight seasons on the critically-acclaimed Showtime series. Cutkosky stars alongside William H. Macy (Frank Gallagher), Emmy Rossum (Fiona Gallagher), Steve Howey (Kev Ball) and Shanola Hampton (Veronica Fisher-Ball).

The storyline for Carl has been the most intriguing as the former 'wannabe gangster' seemed to follow the cliche' pattern of 'school is for dummies, I'll sell drugs and make money' life. Remember when Carl thought he was an African-American gangster and when he was sent to the juvenile detention center? In season 7, Carl's friend and partner in crime went to jail for murdering a young kid because the kid stole his bike, and the event seemed to scare Carl straight. Since the season 8 premiere, Carl is continuing the straight and narrow life, when it matters. Carl is also in charge of selling the 'inheritance' left by the Gallagher matriarch, Monica.

Cutkosky's first role was in Fred Claus, opposite Vince Vaughn. He went on to play in the films, The Unborn and Conviction before landing his most recent role that would shoot him into stardom.

When picking Cutkosky for the role of Carl, Shameless producer, Mark Mylod, spoke on the look that Cutkosky had that made him a perfect fit to play the misfit character.

"He had a fantastic look. He looked like he was slightly stoned, and we thought, 'Oh, the kid will never have to do any acting, and he's got this great face." But, "He turned out to be a brilliant actor, which was a bonus," the producer told the Chicago Tribune. 

You can catch Shameless on Showtime, Sundays at 9 pm.