Emmy Rossum Gets Robbed In Latest Hollywood Heist, $150,000 Vintage Jewelry Taken

Emmy Rossum got robbed last week in her California, Los Angeles home. The burglars who committed the bold Hollywood heist took away the "Shameless" star's vintage jewelry worth $150,000. The burglars used the back door to enter the house and searched through the actresses' written records to get the written combinations for the safe. Emmanuelle Grey Rossum or simply Emmy to her fans, gained fame when she won A Golden Globe nomination for her performance in "The Phantom of the Opera".

Luckily, the actress who played Fiona Gallagher in "Shameless", was not home at the time of the burglary. People close to Rossum said the burglars must have searched hard for the combinations as these were not easily available. Surveillance cameras were set up along Rossum's property along Mulholland Drive and Sunset Boulevard. It was not, however, certain if her alarm got disabled during the heist.

Investigators are still looking into the possibility that there might be some footage of the incident in any of the cameras, according to New York Daily News. Lillian Preciado of the Los Angeles Police District said up to $150,000 worth of jewelry, as well as, other items were taken from Rossum's house. She also confirmed a burglary incident in the said Los Angeles block between March 22 and 24, although she did not identify Rossum as the victim.

Rossum's housekeeper noticed that the safes were empty when she arrive at the house Friday. She immediately called the police and reported the incident. This is not the first burglary in Hollywood this year. Among the other celebrities that have been victimized by burglars are Alanis Morissette, Kendall Jenner, Derek Fisher and Jaime Pressly. The said incidents are being investigated by the Commercial Crimes Division of the LAPD.

Rossum thanked the LAPD on Tweeter for their support and dedication in solving the incident, according to USA Today. Preciado said they do not yet have any information if the said burglaries are connected. The LAPD said the burglary at "The Day After Tomorrow" star can already be considered grand theft due to the amount involved.

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