Rose McGowan has been one of the most vocal accusers of Harvey Weinstein. The actress alleged that Weinstein raped her and she subsequently lost a project with Amazon after she complained to the studio about it.

Since the allegations against Weinstein began after an expose that was written in the New York Times, McGowan has expressed her desire to see Weinstein brought to justice. McGowan has vented her frustrations on Twitter, which ended in her account being suspended for 12 hours and even met with two of Weinstein other accusers over Thanksgiving weekend.

Now, McGowan is once again speaking her mind but this time, she's shaming one of her former costars and another Hollywood legend for their "misguided priorities."

Rose McGowan Slams Alyssa Milano

The Charmed star lashed out against Milano after the latter appeared on Megyn Kelly Today where Milano spoke about the Me Too hashtag that went viral. Milano also touched on how Weinstein's estranged wife, Georgina Chapman, is fairing.

"Georgina is doing very well ... she's an amazing woman, and I think her priority right now is focusing on how to raise those two children to the best of her capacity given the situation," Milano stated.

McGowan slammed Milano on Twitter for her friendship with Chapman, stating that Milano was "fake."

"You make me want to vomit. You actually gave me a body flashback. Well done, fake one. Alyssa, maybe you and Georgina can call up Camille Cosby," McGowan tweeted.

Meryl Streep A 'Lie' 

Milano isn't the one on McGowan's hit list. McGowan also took a shot at critically acclaimed actress Meryl Streep.

Streep recently spoke at the Massachusetts Conference for Women in Boston where she said the accusations against Weinstein and others were the most gargantuan example of disrespect.

McGowan once again took to Twitter and spoke out about Streep's comments, saying that it's a crime and that Streep was a lie.

McGowan was listed as one of The Silence Breakers named by Time Magazine as Person of the Year along with Milano, but her photo was not in the magazine.

Weinstein has been accused by over 80 women including actresses such as Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Ashley Judd, of sexual harassment or misconduct. Paltrow recently spoke on the allegations against Weinstein and claimed that she learned Weinstein lied about sleeping with her to seduce women into sleeping with him.