Tamar Braxton has been vocal about her divorce on social media after she filed back in October. Since then, fans have seen the fallout between Braxton and her estranged husband, Vincent Herbert, on their reality show, Tamar and Vince, on WeTV. And while Braxton has had lots to say about their union, Herbert flipped the script and told Braxton she isn’t the easiest to work with either.

Vincent Herbert Surprises Tamar Braxton

Viewers who have tuned in to the show this season, which marks its fifth, have seen the drama between the exes play out on the most awkward occasions. Interestingly enough, Braxton’s successful singing career has played a major part in their ugly rifts as Herbert was her manager at the time.

Braxton said in a recent that episode that she wanted Herbert to step down as her manager in hopes of saving their marriage. She had spoken with her friends about the things he did wrong as her manager. But when it came time to talk to Herbert, he had his own perspective in the teaser.

“You don’t want to listen to me,” said Herbert. “You’re hard to manage.”

His comment clearly came as a surprise to Braxton who got wide-eyed. She had just confronted him for not wanting to step down as her manager. In the past, Herbert has managed stars like Braxton’s sister, Grammy-Award winning singer, Toni Braxton, and Lady Gaga. He currently manages successful rap star Remy Ma.

Tamar Braxton Makes Her Move

During one of their many disagreements in front of friends, Herbert said that the aspects that go into making music are what is making Tamar strained and tense. While Herbert had his own bomb to drop for Tamar as far as her being “hard to manage,” Tamar had news she wanted to share as well.

“I’m moving out,” she told her close friend Tiny Harris. She also told other friends that she refused to go on living in the way she had been when it came to the dynamics of her and Herbert’s marriage.

Tamar and Herbert would have celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary last month. The two have a four-year-old son, Logan, together as well. It looks like things are amicable between the two in court so far. Although Herbert reportedly does not want to end their marriage according to recent reports.

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