Tamar Braxton might not be speaking to her mother, Evelyn Braxton, after Evelyn put Tamar’s estranged husband, Vincent Herbert, on blast for allegedly physically abusing Tamar during their marriage. However, that hasn’t stopped Evelyn from giving more details about the alleged altercations between her daughter and Herbert.

Evelyn Braxton Tells All

Evelyn said Herbert abusing Tamar is nothing new as she described their marriage as “volatile.” Tamar filed for divorce last month, just weeks before she and Herbert would have celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary.

Evelyn explained that in the earlier days of their marriage, Herbert was viewed as a hero in their family. But in private, it was a completely different story. Evelyn said she’s reached her breaking point during an interview with The Grio, Wednesday.

Despite reports that Tamar isn’t speaking with Evelyn for revealing news about Herbert’s alleged abuse, Evelyn said she and Braxton are just fine. Evelyn said she was the one who spoke out because Herbert and Tamar have attempted to cover up the huge secret for years. And fans are set to see even more of it.

'Tamar's Mouth' Leads Vincent Herbert To Breaking Point

Evelyn got an up-close look at the situation when she lived with Tamar and Herbert for a short while in Los Angeles. Apparently, his excuse for crossing the line physically was because of Tamar’s “mouth” and alleged attitude.

“It’s always ‘it’s Tamar’s mouth’…it’s always someone else,” said Evelyn. “That does not give you the right to abuse her. Everybody has a mouth. Everyone should have the right to say what they want. Are you trying to beat [her] into submissiveness? No one has the right.”

News of Herbert abusing Tamar became public last year. Reports swirled that the two were involved in a physical altercation at a Ritz Carlton hotel in Atlanta. The incident included Herbert biting Tamar. While no one ever filed a report with the authorities, Evelyn did confirm that it happened.

Evelyn Braxton Concerned About Domestic Violence

“I think too many women are abused, and it’s high time that we stand up and stop this madness,” added Evelyn. "Do you know how many women are killed each year? I just don’t want Tamar to be a part of that.”

Evelyn also pointed out that if Herbert did really hurt Tamar badly, the other victim would be the couple's four-year-old son, Logan. She also added that she hopes Tamar decides to move on but she does believe there is a possibility Tamar will get back with Herbert.

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