While fans tune in to the current season of WeTV’s Tamar and Vince and witness the demise of the once power couple, superstar Tamar Braxton reportedly refuses to watch. She filed for divorce from her husband of nearly nine years in October.

Why Tamar Braxton Is 'Terrified' Of This Season Of 'Tamar And Vince'

Even though fans have seen Braxton and Herbert disagree at length on several things, this season is much different as fans now know that the spats that aired eventually led to Braxton filing for divorce. The two would have celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary last month.

“Tamar is so anxious about this season, she’s afraid of how people are going to react to it, what they’re going to say,” one source told Hollywood Life Thursday, just hours before the latest episode aired. “She’s a little terrified to even watch it herself, she doesn’t want to relive all the horrible moments. Half the time they were shooting last season she was on the verge of tears and wearing glasses to try and hide it.”

Heated Arguments Become Focus Of The Show

In Thursday night’s episode, Braxton and Herbert had deadlock arguments over a variety of topics – mainly Braxton’s singing career. In one scene, Braxton got upset when she found out Herbert didn’t’ tell her she sold out two shows in Washington, D.C. Braxton said the success was important to her because she’s from the Baltimore/D.C. area. But Herbert said he didn’t tell her because the success could make one’s head blow up.

Another argument they had was when Braxton seemed to reach her breaking point when a news crew showed up at the D.C. show just moments before she was supposed to hit the stage. These incidents showed the tension they experienced as a result of Herbert being Braxton’s manager.

“Her marriage was falling apart, they were at each other’s throats non-stop and trying to downplay it for the cameras,” the insider continued. “But they’re not actors, you can see how toxic it really is in every scene they have together, they just couldn’t hide it and now it’s all going to play out on TV. She’s dreading it.”

One thing that hasn’t played out was the alleged abuse that Herbert had against Braxton. Her mother, Evelyn Braxton, has done several interviews with claims that Herbert physically hurt Tamar on more than one occasion. Tamar has not confirmed or denied the rumors.

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