'Community' Season 5 News: Showrunner Apologizes for Harsh Season 4 Critique, ''I Hate Hurting Other People' [VIDEO]

Dan Harmon apologized on Tuesday for his relatively harsh critique of Community's fourth season.

The Community creator, who was fired from the show in season 4 and subsequently brought back for the upcoming season 5, did not mince words on the Monday episode of his podcast Harmontown. He likened the fourth season to "watching his family get raped on the beach," and similar to "flipping through Instagram and watching your girlfriend just blow a million [other guys]."

Harmon apologized for his comments through Twitter on Monday as well as in a longer post on his Tumblr page on Tuesday.

"I feel bad if I made anyone feel bad with my comments in harmontown. It's a dirty, personal comedy podcast, not charismatic for quoting." Harmon explained on Twitter Monday," I like making stuff that pleases people, I like being honest about my feelings but I hate hurting other people, especially community fans."

The showrunner said on Tuesday that he felt bad about how his words would affect other people, especially the season 4 writers and fans of Community who have stood by the show. "I'm sorry I pooped on your work," he apologized to the season 4 writers, "There was some amazing stuff in there."

As for the rape analogy, Harmon explained, "I am sorry to anyone I hurt by conjuring the concept of rape in a metaphor about my stupid hurt feelings." He added that rape should never be used in a comedic context.

Harmon's announcement on June 1 that he would return to Community was highly celebrated, despite the behind-the-scenes drama the show has faced over the years. Cast member Joel McHale said that he was still happy with season 4 but was grateful for Harmon's return.

"I think when you had such a strong voice with Dan," McHale explained on Monday, "you didn't know where it was going, but you really felt like, 'We know the tone of what we're doing,' and without him, that was harder. I think there were some really good episodes."

Season 5 of Community does not have a premiere date yet but it will air in the 2013-2014 TV season on NBC.

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