Oath, a subsidiary of Verizon that owns AOL, has shut down AOL Instant Messenger.

Launching in 1997, AIM served as the original DM and way to curate individual's brands via away messages.

End Of An Era

In a news report from Quartz, it was said that AIM was the first taste of what it would feel like to be connected to your "followers" while you're on the go.

"For many who went through school in the late ’90s and early 2000s, [AIM] was a first taste of the always-connected lifestyle we now live. It was a fight to get hold of the family computer so you could log in to AIM and chat with the same friends you probably just left after school," the article read, citing a time when people had a dial-up connection via their phone line and couldn't be on the house phone at the same time.

When news broke about the messenger service becoming obsolete, millennials took to Twitter to share their favorite memories using the Twitter hashtag: #AIMemories.

Original Ghosting Method

As people spoke about finding the loves of their lives on AIM or finding the right song lyrics, others shared how AIM was the first way people started "ghosting" each other.

"Then there were the perils of going invisible: making yourself look as though you were offline when you really weren’t. It was a great way to avoid a friend you didn’t feel like talking to, unless they somehow managed to find out you were ghosting them in the era before “ghosting” existed," journalist Aja Romano wrote for the Vox.

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